Sunday, December 11, 2016
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Achilles Certification Molegove are proud to announce that they are now a fully registered supplier on UVDB for the following:  

4.1.2 Pumping Station - Waste Water
4.1.7 Tunnelling & Shafts
4.1.11 Ground and excavation works
4.1.39 Pipeline Construction
4.1.45 Sector Specific Minor Civil Works
4.1.53 Ground Work / Levelling Works
4.1.56 Drainage & Culvert Service  
Good Practice Award

Molegrove Team Awarded a London 2012 Landscape Badge.

Molegrove have recently commenced on the LPR works and have already made an impression with their attitude towards safety.

The workscope includes deep drainage settlement tanks and drainage works with headings and shafts underneath the service corridors.

The Molegrove team have already set a high standard for the implementation of substantial temporary works, access and edge protection.

During the presentation of the awards the works had just been suspended by the gang to obtain a hot works permit for cutting rebar. During standing down all edge protection was closed off.

Timber Headings

Timber Headings are the time honoured, long and trusted, very versatile methods of tunnel construction. The tunnel is excavated manually and graded timbers are used to make up the ground support.

Timber Headings are a cost effective method for short tunnelled sections where microtunnelling equipment or other trenchless equipment does not prove possible of uneconomical. One of the main advantages is the ability to divert past any unknown obstructions and connect into existing services underground while maintaining standard operating conditions above surface.    
Segmental Tunnels

Segmental Shafts by Jacking, Self Weight, Kentledge or Underbuild

Pre-cast concrete Segmental shafts are installed for a variety of uses including Working and Reception Pits for Thrust boring/Pipe Jacking, Tunnels, Storage tanks, Pumping Stations and Manholes.

Segmental shafts vary in size generally from 1.52m up to 25m diameter and to the requirements of the design.  They are constructed using either the caisson techniques or under building where the ground itself would be self supporting.
Guided Auger Bore

Molegrove use a guided auger bore system to install pipes from 150mm to 450mm diameter. This system is very accurate for lengths of up to approx. 80m and is monitored by camera to a steering head and target. 

The system is operated from either cofferdams, standard shafts or pre-cast manholes.  This method causes minimal disruption to the above surface and can even be cheaper and faster than open cut methods in certain circumstances where traffic, railways and the public are involved.  

Molegrove Civil Engineering and Tunnelling Contractors

Molegrove - The Professional Approach

Molegrove was founded in the mid 1970’s with the company undergoing restructuring in 1984, thereby forming the basis for the impressive organisation it is today.

Molegrove (civils) Limited, has expanded over the years and enjoys a growing reputation for the quality of its work in both the public and private sectors. Tunnelling and sewage schemes form a major part of Molegrove’s work, whilst a growing section of the organization is geared to handle General Civil Engineering projects.